Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Cost of Holistic Vet Care

When Willy Simone had a near-fatal attack of FUS, I was ready to recommend a cystotomy if I was unable to successfully treat him. This is a surgical procedure that will clear the blockage.

I have always maintained that the cost of keeping a pet in my care is 50-70% less expensive than conventional veterinary care, and this case is a perfect example of how.

A cystotomy is the recommended conventional procedure for urinary blockage in cats. Veterinary hospitals in the Hudson Valley, where I am located, charge about $1,000 for this surgery, after you figure in the hospitalization and anesthesia costs. The same surgery performed on a cat like Willy in New York City, where he lives, costs about $2,400.

My fee, after all was said and done with Willy, was less than half that of my neighbors', and less than 20% of the cost of a reputable veterinary hospital in New York City.