Saturday, August 27, 2011

Arden and Wonton - Two Canine Seizure Cases, part 6. Good News for Wonton the pug.

The last post for Wonton stated he had been seizure free for 6 wks (would have had 3 in that time period prior to my treatment) and that his itchy irritated skin was better.

The overall news is good. He has had several rechecks since that time and he is showing a curative pattern of change in his physiology. His road has not been as smooth as Arden's which gives a great opportunity for learning.

One seizure during the first week that the new, higher potency of Thuja was given. This is not totally unexpected. A homeopathic drug stimulates the patient's body to get active and change in a good way. En route some symptoms can get stirred up. This is, in part, because our bodies - dogs, cats, people - all use inflammation as a temporary stage to heal dysfunctions. Of course, when we get stuck in this stage, which happens all too often, we wind up with chronic inflammation and that can wreak havoc on a system. In the temporary stage, on the way to health, this inflammation can cause symptoms to flare up. So Wonton had a seizure. Still a great record.

He also is having more swelling, redness, and itchiness (inflammation!) in his right ear and face. These are old symptoms revisiting, very typical. It may be coincidental - a slight change in diet or environment or it could be a seasonal effect, but we hope it is the due to the reaction stimulated by the remedy. Then it is likely to resolve on its own and usher in a higher level of health.

No seizures! The main issue now is the inflammation and itching of the ear and face, with a new area of irritation in the axilla (arm pit). This is wonderful news. The focus of pathology is now much more superficial - at the level of the skin. Conventionally this pattern is not often acknowledged as a path to improvement/cure. It is obvious with something like an abscess. "It's coming to a head," we say, and we know that's a good thing, as the deep infection pushes its way to the surface. This is true for all curative processes. Wonton's seizures are deep seated in the neurological system. As they have diminished, superficial pathology is flaring. This is called peripheralization, and it is one of the techniques the body uses to heal.

Note, too that these are old symptoms that are revisiting. Wonton had facial swelling after vaccination (vaccinosis) years ago that was suppressed, not cured, with conventional treatment. He also had itchy face and paws last year that was suppressed, not cured, with conventional treatment.

Sorry for the itchies, Wonton, but we welcome them. Now we have the opportunity to cure these issues for good.

I prescribed a higher potency of Thuja and will recheck Wonton in September or October, as needed. Let's wish him luck!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Arden and Wonton - Two Canine Seizure Cases, part 5. Arden is near graduation!

Arden, the very happy lab came in for a recheck appointment on 6.21.11. His report? NO seizures. Not one. On one day in the previous month he had a moment of a "vacant look" accompanied by tongue smacking. It lasted about 30 seconds. It could have been a very mild petite mal. It could have been something funky tasting he picked up off the ground. We'll never know. It doesn't matter. He is in a very curative pattern, and I hope almost finished ("graduates" I call these patients). Record speed for a seizure case. I like to tell my clients that I like them, but I hope I don't see them very often!

The rest of the 6.21.11 Arden report -
Still calmer and more even tempered. No longer hyper, just energetic. Starting pet therapy training! Amazing. Left hind lameness is gone. No longer eats family's clothing, just carries it around. Ears are fine. Coat looks and feels softer, sleeker, "like silk."

This case is near finished. Treatment was the next higher potency of the same remedy - Thuja occidentalis 1M, and the next recheck is set for 6 months.

I started this case in January. This is what the process of true cure looks like. Arden's chemistry was like a couch potato who needed to train for a marathon. It takes time for the body to change its physiology. When it does, the change is generally permanent. It is reset to the devine default. Just as when a person's body with a fever returns to 98.6. It tends to stay there as that is the default, until of course, something else interferes with the natural functioning.

So there you have it. An "incurable" disease on its way to nonexistence, via homeopathy, proper diet, supplementation, and mostly accomplished by phone consultation with great team work between doctor and owner. Nice job everyone.

I like Arden's mom. I hope I don't talk to her for a while. : )