Thursday, May 6, 2010

Early Isagenix Results Look Promising

Early results of HolVet clients using the Isagenix system of Cleansing Nutrition are showing the expected, remarkable results. Becky H. has lost over 40 lbs and has registered to do a triathlon with me in September! Her partner, Jeannette, has lost over 40 lbs as well. Good thing, since they have just received a two year old foster child to run around after! Laurel O. had to stop using her blood pressure aids after just 2 weeks on the system as her blood pressure had normalized! She also lost 12 lbs and has the energy she used to when she ran and competed as an avid athlete.
This Isagenix Cleansing Nutrition system is more than living up to my expectations as a health care professional. I have been officially offering this service through the practice for about 2 months and the wonderful news is mounting. It is a whole new paradigm for health and weight loss. For example, a hard and fast rule of weight loss is that 1 lb per wk is safe and anything faster than that is not. This is a huge icon of “fact” in the health and weight loss industry. However, I now know this is simply not true. I have seen many people lose more than one pound per week, much more, and they are not having problems with it. In fact, those who lose weight at any pace seem to be gaining great health as they go. There is no extra “cost” to the accelerated pace. There is no loss of energy. There are no mood problems. There are no sleep troubles. Actually, all these parameters and more improve greatly as the weight is released regardless of the pace. Nor is the weight rebounding. The typical yo-yo effect of crash diets is not occurring. Of course, this way of nourishing oneself becomes part of a permanent lifestyle change. Isagenix is set up to make it easy to reach a health goal and then maintain it for the rest of your life.
I can definitely say that the launch of my long incubated dream of serving both pets and people has been a great success. I couldn’t be happier with the results. They are astounding. I now have something very powerful to offer my clients! …and their friends, and their family, and their coworkers, and their neighbors, and…..
Which brings me back to the critters. I am currently working out formulae and doses for pets for various applications – the main one being cancer, since it is what I treat most. But I suspect all pets could benefit, same as for people. My own two dogs are the first line of research always. Bless their little volunteer hearts. I have several patients as well on various products of the system currently. I will blog about the response of my patients as soon as I have results.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meat for dogs and cats. Organic or ammonia?

I am often asked if one must feed organic meats when starting on feeding a home prepared diet for their pets. Many pet owners are reluctant to start thinking that the meat must be organic. I always reply that it is the same choice as it would be for us humans. Organic is always the better choice for the long run. If you have the room in your budget for organic, then do it. If not, certainly going from most commercial dog/cat foods to a home prep diet with conventional (non-organic) meat is still a huge leap in improvement for the nutrition of most pets. It is far better to start a superior diet that is not perfect than it is to not start at all.

That being said, the relative importance of choosing organic is underscored by the following report (from 1.6.10) on ammonia(!) in conventional ground meat. I believe it may be only one of many contaminants in non-organic foods. You may need to copy and paste into your web browser.