Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meat for dogs and cats. Organic or ammonia?

I am often asked if one must feed organic meats when starting on feeding a home prepared diet for their pets. Many pet owners are reluctant to start thinking that the meat must be organic. I always reply that it is the same choice as it would be for us humans. Organic is always the better choice for the long run. If you have the room in your budget for organic, then do it. If not, certainly going from most commercial dog/cat foods to a home prep diet with conventional (non-organic) meat is still a huge leap in improvement for the nutrition of most pets. It is far better to start a superior diet that is not perfect than it is to not start at all.

That being said, the relative importance of choosing organic is underscored by the following report (from 1.6.10) on ammonia(!) in conventional ground meat. I believe it may be only one of many contaminants in non-organic foods. You may need to copy and paste into your web browser.

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Bashert said...

Unfortunately, the link to the ammonia story has expired.

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