Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Successful Lyme Disease Treatment and Cure by Homeopathy

A local (Ulster County, Hudson Valley, New York State) dog has been cured of Lyme Disease this month exclusively with homeopathic treatment.  I have long claimed that treating Lyme disease is relatively safe, simple, and easy for a trained homeopath.  This is a classic case with classic symptoms and classic response to homeopathy.

Blaze is a gorgeous, intact, nine month old, male Collie (don't they both look great?  And happy!).  Debi found an engorged tick (deer tick?) on her floor Wednesday, Feb 8, 2012.  He started limping on his right front, with a slightly swollen paw on Friday.  He was also mildly lethargic and mildly anorexic, and seemed to be breathing a little faster.  He had a fever of 102.3 (normal is 100-102).  His very thoughtful owner was willing to wait on conventional treatment for palliation to attempt a true cure by homeopathy.

I took Blaze's case by phone consultation and his treatment was started with Ledum pallustre 30 in multiple aqueous doses.  He showed no response, and was slightly worse the next morning with swelling advancing to his carpus (wrist) in his Right front, and the lameness spreading to his left hind as well.  Several aquesous doses of Ledum pallustre 200c were given on Saturday.  The next afternoon he and his owner attended a local lecture I was giving on how to do a physical exam to your own pets and he was very much improved.  He was bright and bouncy!  His temperature was down to 101.6.  His lameness was reduced, and his energy was great.  The original, early symptom of the swelling in the paw was improved.

The following day, Monday, his fever again spiked to 102.3.  With continued improvement in his specific and general symptoms this indicated an appropriate immune response to the infective challenge.  Treatment was completed with several doses of Ledum pallustre 1M.

Today, 1 week from the onset of illness, Blaze is completely free of his troublesome symptoms.  He has had a return of old symptoms that flared up first after vaccines months ago.  This is a common pattern of curative response to homeopathy.  He has been stimulated to correct his pathology, and once the newest problem had been resolved he started working on older, "deeper set" pathology.

We are now waiting and observing to see if Blaze has had sufficient stimulation to correct the old, unhealthy chemistry (itchy skin, runny eyes, and sneezing - the exact same pattern as right after his second "puppy series" distemper vaccine) without further treatment.  In the meantime, he is enjoying life!

This case illustrates several great points.  One - Ledum is the classic remedy to start (and often finish) a true Lyme disease case.  However, it could have easily been missed if higher potencies had not been tried after the 30c failed.  Two - This case illustrates how successfully homeopathy can be practiced by phone consultation.  Three - This client was well educated in homeopathic principles and therefore had the courage to sit and wait while her little loved one worked on his issue.  Many other dog owners would have succumed to palliating with conventional drugs, which can palliate quite well.  Five - Having cured with homeopathy instead of palliated with conventional drugs, Blaze is now healthier than he was just before the tick infected him.  He is now cleaning out some dysfunctional chemistry (vaccinosis) he got stuck with after his early vaccines.  Lets wish him continued good luck.


Advin Charles said...

The symptoms of Lyme disease is very difficult to diagnose. It can be very dangerous to people's lives.

Lyme disease symptoms

Dr. Michele Yasson, DVM said...

Dear Advin Charles,
My main point is this - Lyme infection is a bit like many other infectious diseases in history. It is more common than is generally thought, and is also generally more benign than its reputation. Like Polio, it can wreak havok on susceptible individuals. These worst case scenarios give these diseases their well earned reputation. But also like Polio, Lyme is severely problematic for a smaller percent of the population. For Polio the commonly available statistics from the CDC and WHO suggest the percent of infected individuals who go on to develop "the actual disease" is about 20%. It is nearly the same ratio for Lyme, by many authorities. It's like taking a room full of people and sending someone in with a head cold to sneeze on them. Perhaps all will come into contact and *become infected* with the cold virus, but a smaller number will actually develop a cold. The rest will successfully fight off the infection and never develop the disease.
I agree with you. Lyme *disease* is very difficult to diagnose and it can be very dangerous to people's lives. Which is why overdiagnosis is also very dangerous.
Thanks for your input.

Barb102 said...

Is it important for people to begin with a lower dose of ledum (30c) or can I go right to 1M? I have had symptoms for a long time ... and have been doing doxycycline for a month with mild improvement. I have been recommended to try ledum ... just asking. Thanks so much!

William Walker said...

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John Howard said...

It is great to hear that using different types of medicine helps cure Lyme disease. I didn't realize it was such an intense process to go through. At least there are veterinary services that help animals fight the diseases they get. http://www.belmontavevet.com.au

LisaH. said...

I would like to know if I can give my dog Ledum 1M now? She is just finishing up on a course of doxy for approx. month and still has issues with lameness in her one leg. Do you have to administer right after the tick bite, or can it be beneficial now? Also, is it a one time dose or something that is given daily?
Thank you!

Dr Michele Yasson said...

LisaH, Ledum is not the cure-all for Lyme, but it is a great place to start. However, be aware that homeopathic drugs work by mimicking the symptoms of the pathology you want healed. If the symptoms are diminished by anything (including conventional treatment, herbs, acupuncture, etc) the patient may not respond to the HP Rx.
Good luck! Let me know how she responds!

Gary Puntman said...

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Paul Herman said...

How can I tell if my pet has lyme disease? I've noticed that my dog has developed a strange rash on his skin underneath his fur, but I'm not sure if it's because he has lyme disease, or something else. Either way, I feel that holistic methods are the best to help both humans and animals heal. I would prefer to find a holistic vet to treat my dog if I can find one in my area.

Unknown said...

I as well have a Dog around 40lbs. that contracted Lymes Disease and was given Antibiotics. It made her Sick so we started Ledum 30C and have had her on it about a week. She is much improved so should we Stop or should we continue or go to a higher dosage? Could we possibly overdose her?

Dr Michele Yasson said...

It is possible to overdose with homeopathic medications. It is also possible to be positive on the Lyme test and NOT have Lyme disease (see the blog post info above). Your dog may fall into one or both categories.
Your question is not a simple one. The answer depends on many factors as part of a thorough treatment plan. I would love to help you. Call the office for a consultation any time!

Jessica Allen said...

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